The Fault In Our Stars.


That title has so much depth to it. The fault…the mistake…the problem…the hindrance…each to its own. But there’s always a problem in everyones life.

What is love? Is it just about being physical? Is it about going on that perfect date so that you could tell your friends about how mystical he was or about how hot she was? Or is it about just being there for that person when he or she needs you…listening to that person when it matters the most and standing up when the whole world turns their back?

People nowadays have lost the true meaning of love…its all about the trophy you can show or a gateway from loneliness!

A friend once told me, to love others you need to love yourself. That statement changed me. Changed the person I was. Once you start to love yourself, you actually realize what you need. You don’t need someone only because you don’t want to be a loner at a coffee shop or go watch The Vow alone. You should be with someone because everything you do with that person is X2.

If you’ve read the fault in our stars, you’d know what i mean. Augustus was there for Hazel, he didn’t need Hazel but everything he did with her only made him happier…made them happier. Their relationship grew ever stronger with every OKAY. I was really devastated when Augustus passed away because what she felt around wasn’t materialistic…it was really one of it’s kind. Something that she won’t feel again. When you’re with someone it shouldn’t be about the money he has or because of his looks. It should be about how he makes you feel.

Feelings are what last a lifetime and nothing else.

In the end…I don’t know.

I really don’t.


That’s where i wanna be



I’m close to graduation, just a year left to be precise. I’ve got plans, plenty of plans…some of them contradict each other too but it’s that thin line of hope we live on where we go “If not this then hopefully that” that keeps me going. 

Can you identify the city in the photo I’ve attached?

Well for me, all my plans end right there. ‘The city of dreams’ as some call it or ‘The city that never sleeps’ as known to the others, for me it’s the end of the road…a gateway to another life.A life I dreamt about when i was precisely 6. As of now it seems quite distant, to be honest i don’t even have a plan. Coming from a backdrop where I’ve had to back myself up with the support of not too many and don’t have much to be proud about it’s going to be tough and with the constant fright of losing focus…I’m really scared. 

But I’ve got my whole life ahead of me and I’ll find a way out plus being an optimist has its perks.

This might not be the most entertaining piece of work you’ve ever read but screw that coz you’re reading a part of me. Oh and if you’ve still not figured it out…New York’s the place I wanna be. 

“If You’re Gon…


“If You’re Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough” – Karen O

This quote or saying struck me from one of the Jackass movies. If you’ve seen any of those movies you’d basically know why it this quote stands out. It simply states that if you’re ever gonna do anything dumb to whatever extent, you’ve got to be able to stand up to the repercussions. Nothing made more sense to me out of those movies other than this song.

Oh and R.I.P. Ryan Dunn, Jackass will never be the same without you.